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Active Minutes and Walking Meetings

Active Minutes

These meeting activities have been put together by HealthyTasmania to give you some suggestions on how to make your meetings active. This form of physical activity can be as simple as an ‘Active Minute’ and can improve blood flow, posture and stretch out any tight muscles and lead to better work productivity. If you would like further information or help with coordinating active meetings please contact us on the below details.

You can download a FREE copy of these exercises and store them in your workplace meeting room here (PDF, 2.6MB) or if you would like a hard copy, please email Hayden Fox

Walking Meetings

We encourage your organisation to design and provide ‘Walking Meeting’ packs to encourage employees and volunteers to move more throughout the day. Frequent physical activity will help to reverse the detrimental health effects long periods of sitting potentially cause whilst helping to provide additional mental aspects of concentration and alertness. Walking meetings will improve blood flow, posture, stretch out any tight or unused muscles and lead to better work productivity. 

We recommend sourcing from local businesses if possible and your ‘Walking Meeting’ packs to include; 

- high visibility vests with screen printing or embroidered 'Walking Meeting'
- clipboards and pens
- drink bottles 

If your organisation, school or business centre would be interested in finding out more, please contact Healthy Tasmania Project Manager Lucy Byrne