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Active Launceston in the Media

Active Launceston promotes its programs and events through a variety of means including radio, print and television . Please see the list below to view some of our most recent media stories


Newspaper AND Journal Articles

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Active Attack - The Examiner Newspaper Promotion

Active Launceston, The Examiner Newspaper and University students from the School of Human Life Science created a partnership to develop the Active Attack Promotion.

Two local identities, Louise Clark the Executive Officer of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Tony Benneworth, a local businessman put their bodies on the line for a 6 week Active Launceston physical activity program.

Pre and post fitness testing demonstrated that the couple managed to loose a combined total of 11kg after changing their lifestyles and participating in Active Launceston initiatives. They improved resting heart rates, cardiovascular fitness and boosted their good cholesterol.

To follow their 6 week journey view The Examiner Newspaper articles